Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. After Arthur was created following the loss of our son Arthur in July 2017. After what was a very easy and straight forward second pregnancy, Arthur was Stillborn at 36 weeks on the 19th July 2017. Arthur died due to a tight true knot in his umbilical cord. Something that cannot be predicted or prevented. Losing our perfect baby boy was something that happened very suddenly and without any warning. 

I felt so lonely in the first few weeks after losing Arthur, how can this happen to us? Surely this is rare? Stillbirth can’t be something that happens in this day and age….. all of these things went through my mind. It was then that I discovered that Stillbirth although uncommon is not rare, in the UK 1 in 200 pregnancies end in Stillbirth, but yet nobody talks about it. Over 3,600 babies are stillborn in the UK each year and yet there is a deafening silence over this.

Once I discovered this shockingly high statistic, I turned to the internet and set about reading all I could about baby loss in all its forms, desperate to find other people who sadly like us were walking this path and trying to find their ‘New Normal’ following the loss of not just their precious baby but also the future they had planned. It was then I stumbled across lots of other Mum’s and the blogs they had written about their journeys, reading their words helped me immensely and for the first time since losing Arthur I felt less alone.

For that reason, I have created ‘After Arthur’, this is our journey through the darkest time in our lives, our way of trying to navigate the world whilst carrying the baby we love in our hearts rather than our arms, this is for Arthur and his memory, this is the story of a far too short but very beautiful life and all that comes after it.

Arthur, Loved past the stars and missed beyond the moon.

The loss is great, but the love is greater.